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Becoming a Independent reseller with our team provides a great opportunity to start your own business, enjoy retail profits and build a long term residual income through commissions and bonuses.

Not only can you rely on full support from world wide based experts, but we are always ready to help, you’ll also get FREE and subdisized high quality, marketing materials.

Read on to discover more about the benefits we offer and how you can turn your dreams of running your own business into a reality.


Joining a strong team –
Being part of a strong team means you’re more likely to succeed sooner and can be the perfect springboard for greater earning potential. ***Team MyeWeightLossFit*** offers a wide range of benefits including the opportunity to earn commissions quicker thanks to a strong team and our excellent re-seller opportunities. Although you will still be running your own business, you’ll benefit from the sales of others in the team that sign after you. Great news for the early bird!!

Getting started –
A step by step guide to signing up with our team.

Low Initial outlay –
What you’ll need to spend to get up and running plus information about the 90 day, money back guarantee.

Making retail profit –
How to turn your initial outlay into profit through retail sales.

Commissions & bonuses –
Explanation – Information about the exciting earning opportunities and building a long term residual income.

Paid Weekly Marketing & Sales support –
Help – We’re here to help you every step of the way and will provide a huge range of marketing tools and ideas for you to promote your business. Its what we do.

Get Started - Start earning money

Slim Roast Optimum is manufactured in the United States by Valentus, the company that pioneered our unique weight control coffee.

The range of drinks can only be purchased online via introduce-rs who are referred to as resellers. As they don’t employ an expensive sales force or rely on retail outlets that demand huge profits, Valentus can offer one of the most generous commissions and bonus schemes available in the industry.

Signing up as an Independent Re-seller means you’ll be ready to start earning commission and bonuses straight away. 

To join the team, click the ORDER NOW button and select BECOME AN INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE (IR). 

You can also reserve a position in the binary system by contacting the person who send you to this page and you will be guided through a free tour in the process.  

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